One Last Message

Well that’s me just had my breakfast, obviously the most healthy breakfast you’ll see here all year.  Practically everyone was firing into cereal, fruit and toast – no fry ups today (for the runners anyway)!

I thought I’d let you know how you can track me if you’re interested.  There are two ways:

1. Facebook – head to and put my race number in (40904).  It looks quite amazing, you’ll be able to track me through each 5K and see where I am on the map.

2. Mobile phone (it must be WAP enabled – internet) – text ‘run’ to 83040.  Adidas will then send you a message back with a link that you’ll need to connect to using your keypad.  From there you can navigate the home page and enter my race number (40904) and you’ll be able to see where I am to the nearest 5K.  You can also sign up to receive free messages when I’m through the start, half way and the finish line although this hasn’t worked during our trial this morning!

Right, I need to get myself ready now so one last thank you all for your support.

Off we go….


Big Day Tomorrow!

Well after a number of weeks of training, some hamstring problems and ridiculous amounts of snow during my training the big day is almost here!  I’ll keep it brief as I’m in need of some sleep I’m afraid.

After setting off at 04:30 this morning, we arrived in London around 11:00, however it took us a full hour and twenty minutes to get through the city to docklands where our hotel and the Excel Centre are located, impressive!  After checking in it was off to register and look around the Expo.

Registration itself took around three or four minutes as there was only one person in front of me in the queue (they split the running numbers up into numerous desks).  Following that I strolled over to get my IPICO tag which will time my run.  It’s amazing how much data they have on you – one beep of a barcode and there’s your life story on their screen!

The next few hours were spent browsing the vast amount of stalls in the hall, everything from watches and running tops to charities and foreign marathon organisers.  We also took in the Pasta Party which gave you a few good things to eat in a public seating area.  The best bit about this, however was that you could watch various experts from the London Marathon, Lucozade, etc. discuss what the best plan is for the race, what you can do to enhance your chances of doing well, etc.  The best stats from last year’s race were that 40% of all runners slowed over the second half of the marathon and only 9% maintained a steady pace throughout. Nine percent!

After filling up on some knowledge and food, we headed to the stalls again.  As there were no mediums left of the white Virgin London Marathon running tshirts, I decided to have a look elsewhere, like the watches.  I spent a bit of time at the Timex stand having a look at a few options available and almost purchased one of them.  However, I eventually ended up at the Garmin stand, specialists in GPS tracking watches.  As they were doing a deal on an older model (Forerunner 205), I was interested and eventually purchased one (its charging right now – need to work out how it works before tomorrow though!)

It will allow me to track my time, average pace, how it differs from my goal time, and will beep after every mile and inform me of how fast my last mile was – ideal.  When I plug it into my laptop it will also give me a GPS route of where I ran, the graph of my speed as well as elevation.  There’s so much it does that I haven’t even looked into yet.  Anyway, at only £20 more expensive than the plain watch I had been looking at, I’m pretty pleased.

After that, it was back to the hotel for a sit down and I’m now not long in from having my dinner (pasta, shock).  I’m now going to have a look at this new gadget before going to bed.

I’ve got everything laid out for tomorrow which is good.

Now all I have to do is get up and run a marathon.  Simples (ha!).

£1500 With a Week To Spare!

As you may have noticed, I’ve not posted anything for quite a while.  With a week to go I felt it was an ideal time to give you all an update.

Firstly, as the title suggests, I managed to reach my £1500 pledge today and am now actually on 104% with more money still coming in!  Thanks to all of you who have donated and collected, you have been most generous and I’m really grateful for your support.

Today also saw me complete a greater distance, an 18 miler this morning which can be summarised by the phrase ‘no pain, no gain’.  The less about the pain the better (not the hammy, just generic tightness) but let’s hope the gain will be seen in the stamina required for next week!  My breathing was absolutely fine which is great so as long as my legs stay attached to my body I’m hopeful I’ll be heading up the Mall to the finish!

My newly printed running vest arrived in the post last week which is good.  I’ll post a picture of that at some point.

I’ll also be updating everyone about the Adidas runner tracker where you will be able to track me as I pass through the 5k markers, either on Facebook or via WAP enabled phones – details to come.

Only a week to go – let’s hope everything goes smoothly!

On The Road Again

Well, I went out this morning to see how the old leg would perform, just a very light jog round block for about 1.8 miles.  The result: not bad, not great.  No real acute pain or discomfort, just some tightness towards the upper part of my hamstring.  I was expecting to feel at least something anyway as I’ve not really exposed it to movement for over two weeks now.  Hopefully there’s no more pain to come when I start to push it.

Step by step…

In other news, I posted my Kidney Research UK running vest this afternoon in order to get my name printed on it.  Should be back in around two weeks.

That’ll Be Over £1000 Then!

More good news today, this time on the fundraising front.  I’d asked my Dad to get back to me before the end of the month to let me know how he was getting on with the sponsor forms I’d given him.  Tonight he said that he wanted to discuss “the money” by which I assumed he meant the mounting football ticket debt I have.  Not the case as it turned out, it was indeed about the sponsor forms.

Asked how an additional £150 would be, I was pretty pleased.  How about £250?  £350?  What about £459 with more to follow?  Well, there’s no need to explain the huge smile on my face at this point!  I’m obviously delighted with that huge amount as it puts me well on the way to my £1500 pledge – and takes me over the £1000 milestone.  Thanks to everyone who signed this particular form.  And thanks to all of you who ticked the gift aid box, almost everyone, this means so much to Kidney Research UK.

I’d actually like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who’s sponsored me so far, I really appreciate it!  Your money will have a real impact on those suffering from kidney disease and their families.

I’d also like to ask everyone else for their help.  If you’re interested in sponsoring me then I would really like to hear from you.  Drop me a message, click on to my JustGiving site or speak to me in person.  Whatever you’re willing to give, it will make a real difference.

Thanks again, we’re well on the way now!

Injury Update #376522

Although this is actually only the fourth post about my hamstring and I’ve only been out for just over two weeks, it does seem a lot longer, a painfully long time in fact (sorry, I’ve realised that’s one of my terrible puns!).  I do have good news to report today though.

After banning myself from any sort of running and doing some rehab work in the pool I had another massage on the nasty hammy.  Unlike the last time when it was painful under minimal pressure, it was painless under a lot more stress – great news!  I’ve therefore decided to hit the road on Thursday morning to see how it feels, just a light jog round the block for around 2.5 miles.  After that, I’ll know where I stand.  Let’s hope I’m back with more good news!

Another Injury Update

Had another session of work on my leg again today, this time considerably more painful (as I was promised).  Unlike the last time my cousin was getting stuck into the exact location of the problem, which resulted in a fair amount of pain.  At least I know exactly where the pain is coming from now!

Anyway, once he sent me on my way I stopped into the chemist this afternoon for some heat patches, one of which I put on when I got in.  They’re meant to last for about 10 hours so I’ll take it off when I go to bed.  My instructions going forward are to visit the pool tomorrow and Wednesday to do some basic dynamic stretches (swinging legs, squatting and the like) which I’m sure will be great fun to do in a busy pool.  I’ll need to time it so that there’s not any school classes in, really can’t be bothered with that situation arising!  After that I’ve to head back over to his on Thursday for another session to see how it’s getting on – well, I hope!

On another note, my marathon programme and runner number came in today which I was pleased at.  The programme’s packed with information regarding everything: how to register when you get down there, how to travel to the start (it’s free for runners), where you can go if you’re spectating, what to do when you finish and a lot more!  Good luck trying to get through the day without knowing any of this!  It also has information on the Pasta Party the day before at the Expo as well as the vast amount of stalls that will be there selling running gear and merchandise.  Can’t wait!

I’m Running the 2010 London Marathon for Kidney Research UK

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